Healing is a process.

Enjoy the journey!


Your body holds all the power to heal any injuries,
mental and physical.

Healing Touch, when used together with Emotional Freedom Techniques and Flower Essences, can reawaken your power, allowing body/mind/spirit to increase your energy to flush toxins, heal injuries, ease pain, and bring back your deep feeling of balance.

Healing Touch is a holistic energy therapy that emphasizes compassionate, heart-centered care delivered by practitioners who use gentle, non-invasive touch to facilitate healing. The Healing Touch Practitioner restores energy and balance to human energy systems that may have been altered by illness, pain or stress.

Healing Touch is used successfully by many health care professionals in a variety of settings as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Because of its wide-ranging benefits and applications, Healing Touch may be considered for almost any condition you or a loved one may experience.


"Initially, I heard Betsy live on a local radio station. After listening to her a couple of times, one day I picked up the phone and gave her a call. I met with her to address my fear of drowning. I had harbored that fear my entire life. Well, after meeting with Betsy that fear is long gone! While discussing the issue, we were able to pinpoint the exact moment in my life when it began (sounds strange, but true). Betsy’s use of Healing Touch is amazing. To this day, I have no fear of drowning. I can’t thank her enough!"


Betsy Spannbauer, Healing Touch Practitioner

Betsy's love of nature has led her to improve her quality of life by becoming a Healing Touch Practitioner. For years she dealt with her own arthritis and other common ailments. She then encountered Healing Touch, which has since enabled her to become prescription drug free.

Her personal success led her to her work in using Healing Touch to help others. Her clients are now experiencing similar benefits.

Healthy Food

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